Success Stories

The Report Project

The request

A consulting request was received in September 2022 for the creation of a Java library project that could generate a report from a Word document template and an XML file with data. The customer requested the use of OpenDope tags instead of the standard LINQ templating syntax, supported by the Aspose.Words API, with the goal of replacing an existing report solution that was using the docx4j library.

Starting the project

Upon reviewing the customer’s requirements and input/output documents, our Paid Consulting team decided to accept the project and began work. The development process was a combination of research, testing, and collaboration with the customer. Our team started by researching and learning about the OpenDope tags which are not supported by Aspose.Words, so we needed to develop those within this new Consulting Project.

Besides our Consulting team who was working on this project, we also had support from Aspose.Words team to whom we have reported several tickets in our internal system regarding Aspose.Words API. Regular communication with the customer was maintained through Slack, and the code was stored in the customer’s private GIT repository for easy collaboration and sharing.

Organizing the project

The project was divided into several parts to ensure a systematic and organized approach to development. These parts included scalar data types, simple and nested repeats, conditionals, styling, charts, and cross-references. By implementing each part and creating all the necessary unit tests, our team was able to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the solution.

Collaboration with the customer

Throughout the development process, the customer was provided with output files for review. This allowed them to provide feedback and make any necessary changes in real-time, ensuring that the final solution met their specific needs and requirements.

The conclusion

After three months of development, the project was successfully completed, and the customer was very satisfied with the results. They noted that we met all the requests and the solution covered everything that was previously done with the docx4j library, therefore they expressed their appreciation for the team’s hard work and dedication to delivering high-quality results.