Success Stories

The Lufergo Paid Consulting project

One interesting Paid Consulting request came from the company Lufergo which is located in Honduras.

The project

The request from Lufergo was to provide a one-month training for 5 developers and to show them best practices using Aspose products. One of the questions was if the communication can be done in English and Spanish languages. Since we didn’t have any Spanish-speaking developers we came to a compromise to use only English for speaking, however besides English, Spanish can also be used for writing in which case we would use the Google Translate tool.

The first meeting

The first step in the process was to set up the initial meeting where required activities should be defined. The first meeting went pretty smoothly, and we agreed that they will send us concrete requests which we will analyze and show them the way of achieving those with Aspose APIs.

Concrete requests

The customer started sending concrete request, and some of the these were:

  • How to extract text from a PDF document using Aspose.PDF for Java API, where every page should be separated and marked with the page number.
  • How to check if an email is rejected using Aspose.Email for Java API.
  • How to replace text and insert images in a PowerPoint file using Aspose.Slides for Java API.
  • How to generate thumbnails from PDF images using Aspose.PDF for Java API.
  • How to extract text from an image using Aspose.OCR for Java API.

Handling of requests

Each of the requests is thoroughly analyzed, by our consultant and as a result, the customer was provided with the source code, output files, and a detailed explanation of the solution. Along the way, we ran into a few issues in our APIs so we reported those into our internal system where they should be handled by our developers.

At the end of this consulting project, we are glad that the customer has gotten closer to Aspose APIs, and acquired all the necessary knowledge needed for further development of projects using Aspose.