Success Stories

The Aspose.Cells.GridJs upgrade consulting project

Initial request

One interesting consulting project came in March 2022. The customer requested new features in our Aspose.Cells.GridJs application. Aspose.Cells.GridJs is designed to display and manipulate Excel spreadsheets in a web browser using Aspose.Cells API in the background.

Some of the new features that the customer requested were: The ability to highlight part of a text in a cell and also a cell or range of cells in memory and get their reference points after which a right-click would trigger new context menu. The new context menu should be customizable by the user. All this should be available only in view mode so that the user cannot modify content.

Working on project

After the initial meeting where we discussed the customer’s requests and answered some of his questions, our team accepted the project and began working on the requested features, keeping the customer informed of our progress on a weekly basis. Whenever new functionality was completed, we informed the customer and asked for their feedback to ensure that we were meeting their needs and expectations.

Since the Aspose.Cells.GridJs was developed by Aspose.Cells team, they had a big role in this Consulting project, and they were doing all the development, however, Paid Consulting team was watching closely all the work done by Aspose.Cells team, analyzing and testing every feature, testing all reported issues and new requests by the customer, attending all the meetings and communicating with the customer.

The customer’s feedback

The customer was very cooperative and besides communicating by email, we also had several meetings after customer’s feedback, where we discussed all newly created features, the potential bugs that the customer noticed, and the new customer’s requests, but also we were giving a more detailed explanation of some features that user was interested in. The customer’s feedback is always desired because we can better understand the customer and deliver a better project.

Final product

After three months of consultation, we successfully met all of the customer’s requests and delivered the final version of the project. Upon testing, the customer confirmed that everything was functioning as expected and expressed their gratitude.